F-Max Ford Truck

1) On the F-Max, is the camshaft located in the rear set or in the front, but also in the steering Is the pump connected?

The eccentric gear is located at the back of our engine, we have gear sets in 2 planes. The steering pump is also driven by the gear set behind our engine.
The cam gear and steering pump work in different planes.

2) Is the eccentric gear located at the top or bottom?
As in all our other 13 liter engines, the gear is located at the top.

3) What equipment is connected to the eccentric gear? Are the power takers connected?
The power take-off is not directly connected to the eccentric gear. The power receiving
organ works in the first plane, like the steering pump. The eccentric gear operates in the second plane.

4) What is the plate brand of F-Max? (5th Wheel)
Our Pure Holland standard 5th Wheel brand; We have Jost brand 5th wheel as an option.

5) Is the engine oil viewed from the hood? Lifting the cab to check the oil condition, Is it necessary?
The cabinet must be lifted to check the oil condition. But this information can also be
read from the vehicle information display. Thus, there is no need to check the oil dipstick to understand the oil condition.

6) Is there an infomax showing fault records in F-Max? Fault records can be accessed via the cluster (display).

7) How many minutes does our vehicle run at idle? (Referring to the feature and explanation for controlling fuel consumption in some competitor vehicles: In case the driver leaves the air conditioner on in the cabin; the engine will automatically stop for 5 minutes first, then 3 minutes after 1 minute, and then not run for 45 minutes)

F-MAX can idle for 30 minutes, it does not have an automatic stop feature.

8) Does the F-Max have a trailer scale?
There is a rear axle load indicator, it can be seen on the cluster screen.

9) Is the steering pump connected to the compressor cam gear? No, F-MAXs do not take the pump drive from the compressor.

10) What is the electrical wiring brand of F-Max? Is it designed specifically for this vehicle?
The electrical installation of F-Max was worked with the local manufacturer Nursan. Vehicle-specific installation design is available, in other brands, vehicle installations are designed specifically for the vehicle.

11) Does the F-Max have an idle start/stop feature?
In the F-Max, we have a start stop button located on the top of the engine, which is used to start the engine when the cabin is tilted, we do not have a function that gives the vehicle a start stop feature when idling.

12) What brand is the dryer drain of the F-Max, and how does it work?

E-APU is used in F-MAX. How much air will be drawn from the compressor is
determined automatically. Thanks to this product, we aim to completely eliminate chronic problems such as fat accumulation.

13) Where is the NOK sensor located on the F-Max? (Based on the knowledge that it is located under the vehicle in some competing brands)

The Nox sensor is located on the exhaust (muffler), its location is indicated in the image below.



14) Which oil type is used in F-Max, and how long does it take to use a fuel filter per km being changed? (Based on the information that some competitor companies use 10.30 oil in their vehicles, filter set change every 50,000 km)

F-MAX uses 5W30 oil, and the fuel filter is changed every 120,000 km.