Ford Cargo 4142P 6000
Ford Cargo 4142P 6000

Ford Cargo 4142P-6000

The Ford Cargo 4142P is a heavy-duty truck that has been designed to offer exceptional performance and reliability. It comes with a powerful 12.7-liter engine that delivers impressive power and torque, making it ideal for transporting large loads across long distances. The engine is paired with a 12-speed automatic transmission that provides smooth and efficient gear changes. The truck is built with a robust chassis and a durable suspension system that can handle rough terrain and heavy loads. The cabin is spacious and offers a comfortable driving experience with air conditioning and ergonomic seating for the driver and passengers. The Ford Cargo 4142P is equipped with advanced safety features such as electronic stability control, hill start assist, and anti-lock braking system, which provide the driver with greater control and confidence on the road. Overall, the Ford Cargo 4142P is a reliable and efficient truck that is ideal for heavy-duty transportation needs.

Technical Details

Axle Configuration:8×4
Emission:Euro 6, Euro 5 and Euro 3 available
Cabin Type:Day Cab
Wheelbase:6000 mm
Engine:Ecotorq 12,7 liter
Engine Power:420 PS (308,9 kW ) / 1800 rpm
Engine Torque:2150 Nm / 1000-1300 rpm
Transmission:ZF 16S 2230-16 Speed Manual
Tires:315/80 R 22,5
Service Brake:410 mm x 200 mm Z-Cam Brake System
Auxiliary Brakes:
Engine Brake (max. 340 kW )
Intarder (max. 600 kW)
Battery:24V, 2 x 12V 150 Ah
Fuel Tank:315 lt Steel

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