Ford Cargo 3548T DC
Ford Cargo 3548T DC

Ford Cargo Tractor 3548T DC

The Ford Cargo 3548T DC is a powerful and highly capable truck that is perfect for heavy-duty applications. It comes equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine that delivers a whopping 480 horsepower and 2,500 Nm of torque. This engine is mated to a 16-speed manual transmission that provides smooth gear changes and excellent control over the vehicle. The truck features a double-cab cabin that is comfortable and spacious, providing ample room for the driver and passengers. The cargo area is large and can accommodate a wide range of payloads, making it ideal for hauling equipment, supplies, and materials. The Ford Cargo 3548T DC is also highly customizable, with a variety of options available for buyers to choose from. Overall, it is a reliable and durable truck that is designed to handle heavy workloads with ease.

Technical Details

Axle 6×4
Emission Euro 6
Cabin Type Day Cab
Wheelbase (mm) 3800
Type Ecotorq 12.7 liter
Displacement [cc] 12740
Diameter x Stroke 130 mm x 160 mm
Power 480 PS (353 kW ) / 1800 rpm
Torque 2500 Nm / 1000-1200 rpm
Compression Ratio 17 +/- 0,5 : 1
Oil Filling Volume [l] 50 L
Coolant volume [l] 57 L (with Intarder 77 L)
Clutch 2 x 400 mm Twin Clutch
Manuel Transmission / ratios (1.gear- 16. gear) ZF 16S 2530 (13,80-0,84)
Power Assisted Single Circuit
Chassis thickness [mm] 10mm with Reinforcement
Chassis Strength [MPa] 500 MPa
Suspension (Rear/Front) Parabolic Leaf Springs / Parabolic Tandem Suspension
Axle Hub Reduction
Axle Ratio 4,87
5th Wheel Options 1400mm Height / 3,5 mm King Pin
Tyres 315/80 R 22,5
Wheel Rim 22,5 x 9 Steel
Braking System
Brakes (front/rear) (Ø.mm x mm. length) 410 X 200, Z-Cam Drum Brake System
Braking System Dual Brake Circuit – Air Processing Unit with Integrated Oil Seperator and Heater
Engine Brake Power max. 320 kW (Engine Level)
Intarder Power [Optional] max. 600kW / continuous 160kW
Electrical System
Battery 24 V, 2 x 12 V 180 Ah
Alternator / Starter Motor 130 A / 6.5 kW
Fuel Tank 400L Aluminum
SCR Tank 55 L